DTT Trend-Line Trader

For our research, we have developed our own web-based proprietary trading front end.



For systematic traders with advanced programming skills we offer a tool to backtest their trading ideas.

DTT Gordon is a Windows application, under which the user is able to create trading systems, that can create trading decisions on its own, to buy or sell certain products and how long to keep a position to make it profitable. This kind of a trading system is usually created and tested offline with historical data. If you manage to compose a trading system with Gordon, which works well on historical data, you can also test your system real-time with an online data feed. The application is capable of issuing trading signals, which are automatically transmitted to a trading provider using the FIX protocol, which is a generic trading protocol, used by many online brokerage corporations.

Since Gordon’s main purpose is to test and develop systems, not to actually execute them, though you can test them in production. Since Gordon is primarily an offline testing tool, the focus is on the testing and development functionality of the trading system. Gordon was created to be a very fast test application that can test several years of one-minute data on each market with the given trading system. Once you’ve made a trading system profitable with historical data that you’ve also tested with real-time data, you can build a portfolio of multiple markets and multiple configurations of system settings to make your trading strategy bullet-proof. Both single market and portfolio tests provide you with performance charts and statistical data that help you optimize all your settings.



Once the trading system proves to be working correctly, you can put it in our real-time trading tool, called Gecko.



For more information and for licensing inquiries please contact or sales at info@dtt-financial.com