DTT-Financial, Institute for Financial Market Analysis e.V. is a non-profit association whose executive board and members have set themselves the goal of determining on a scientific, statistical basis whether exchange trading on the interbank market can be learned and successfully traced through various techniques, or if there is success and loss purely coincidentally, techniques play no role and can bring for the individual dealer no success, and on the contrary, in the end still a loss by transaction fees must necessarily arise.

To this end, the association has been developing its own trading platform since the beginning of its existence in 2014, in which members and interested parties can act simulated. On the basis of the evaluated, discretionary trading decisions of the individual participants on the platform, we will create an extensive statistic over a longer period, which should give us this answer.

With the result, in the interest of the general public, information should be provided in cooperation with supervisory authorities, the media and universities in order to move and support financial institutions and brokers in, especially in Europe, for a future, fair business conduct with maximum transparency for the customer/dealer.